Shifty off-duty detective at March 15 Buffalo, NY Anonymous Scientology protest

WikiNews correspondent DragonFire1024 claims that the Buffalo, NY Anonymous protest against the “Church” of Scientology was supervised by an off-duty detective who refused to provide his full name, badge number, or an interview to DragonFire1024, saying that the would-be interviewer was not a real member of the media. This detective is said to have asked a number of attendees to remove masks that were deemed threatening; they were allowed to replace masks with other types of covering (e.g., scarves). The most concerning reporting is this:

at least three protesters were detained by police and questioned after taking photographs and video of the Church from across the street. Police approached the three and began to “yell” at them. ‘Tim’ then told one protester that “the Church want you arrested. Now how am I going to avoid that.” The protester then willingfully handed over his videotape of the church and asked not to be arrested. Subsequently all three were released without being charged. According to Detective ‘Tim’, “the tape is now the property of the police.” The protesters were not on Church property and were only filming the areas of the Church visible from across the streets.

I fail to see the legal breech here.

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One Response to “Shifty off-duty detective at March 15 Buffalo, NY Anonymous Scientology protest”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Just one word though, Officer Tim (The officer that confiscated the media) has done quite the 180 on us. He has read some of the literature, and now sees why we do what we do.

    He has been “assigned” to supervise our protests now, and is working with us to keep us on the right side of things now.

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