Atlanta police in the back pocket of the “Church” of Scientology? Peaceful protestors arrested and honkers ticketed at Atlanta March 15 Anonymous protest

In what appears to be a collection of eggregious acts of police injustice, Atlanta police officers arrested a set of peaceful protestors and ticketed a number of drivers who honked in support of the protestors at yesterday’s Anonymous protest on Scientology in Atlanta, Georgia. Two protestors were arrested, apparently for speaking and chanting at the protest using a bullhorn. Is it not fairly customary for protests to involveĀ a few people using bullhorns? Numerous drivers were ticketed for honking in support of protestors. Is this not fairly standard protest behaviour? Would police have behaved similarly toward honkers passing Pro-Life or Pro-Choice rallies? Moreover, is this not fairly standard behaviour for a variety of public social events? If the Atlanta Braves were to pull off a miracle this next season and make it to the playoffs, would fans be ticketed for honking in celebration? Would fans be ticketed if they honked at a World Series victory parade (not that such a parade will be coming to Atlanta, but hypothetically speaking)? Do Atlanta police officers also make it a regular habit of ticketing honking wedding party convoys?

Why have these protestors been opposed in these ways? What are the justifications?

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2 Responses to “Atlanta police in the back pocket of the “Church” of Scientology? Peaceful protestors arrested and honkers ticketed at Atlanta March 15 Anonymous protest”
  1. Chris says:

    It appears that it was the Dekalb County Police.

    Dekalb County Police Chief: Terrell Bolton


    phone: 770-724-7440

    Simply contacting him won’t be enough though. He’s part of the problem not the solution.

    News report on Terrell Bolton living in an RV without tags, avoiding taxes.

    Terrell Bolton forces overtime because the police force is understaffed.

    Ok they’re overstaffed and forced to work over time yet they had more police protecting the Church of Scientology during the protest than ANY other city?

    This whole department needs to be investigated, starting at the top.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There are vids of this they pulled over anyone that honked in suport of Anonymous

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