The Corporation of Scientology tries and fails to stop protests

The Corporation of Scientology was just denied a legal injunction to bar members of Anonymous from coming within 500 feet of Scientology buildings in Clearwater during the planned March 15 international day of protest. The Corporation claims that they have received thousands of harassing or threatening phone calls, 3.6 million “malicious” e-mails, 10 acts of vandalism, 22 bomb threats and 8 death threats. It is well-known that the Corporation has been bombarded with disruptive phone calls, faxes and emails. Scientology, however, doesn’t seem to have the greatest track record when it comes truthfulness with regard to supposed bomb and death threats. Recall  the Corporation’s attempt to frame Paulette Cooper for bomb threats (and also as being in need of mental institutionalization) by stealing her stationary and forging letters to themselves. They also claimed that the BBC network made death threats (as is alluded to in this video) to the Corporation around the time of the filming of the Scientology and Me special. Yeah, that’s what the BBC does: puts itself, one of the world’s largest and most trusted news and multimedia organizations at risk by making death threats to UFO cultists…

Circuit Judge Linda Allan ruled against the CoS on the grounds that the relevant Florida statute does not apply to corporations.

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4 Responses to “The Corporation of Scientology tries and fails to stop protests”
  1. Zennalathas says:

    Oh Scientology…when will it learn that it needs a martyr before it can be considered a real religion…?

  2. matt says:

    “Circuit Judge Linda Allan ruled against the CoS on the grounds that the relevant Florida statute does not apply to corporations.”

    I really hope someone takes this somewhere good. Corporations in general have more human rights than actual humans. In the US, the 14th amendment (I think) that was supposed to protect african americans ended up being used only a handful of times for blacks, but the corporation was born as hundreds of suits were filed to argue that companies were people.

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