The fundamentalist’s implicit acknowledgement of his own ridiculousness

Dave Scot at Uncommon Descent [i.e., a ridiculous blog by and for Christian fundamentalists who like to delude themselves and each other into thinking that 1) Intelligent Design is a science rather than one big faith-based argument from ignorance; 2) that there is some grand dogmatic “Darwinist” conspiracy in the scientific community which is dedicated to maintaining a systemic international community-wide dogmatic affirmation of “Darwinism” (as opposed to simply honestly following the evidence and recognizing the clear message: evolution is a scientific historical fact, and a number of evolutionary mechanisms (e.g., natural selection) have been extremely well-established by years of research); and 3) that this supposed “Darwinist” dogmatism is stifling free inquiry and science as a whole] seems to implicitly recognize the ridiculousness of religiousness in this shot he takes at the Creationist delusion of “Darwinism”.

No Idols Before Me

Hmmmm, this looks a lot like religious worship. That’s kind of like what religious people do, right? And if you run your mouse over this picture on the Uncommon Descent website you will read “No Idols Before Me”. Doesn’t the Bible say exactly that? Now this is funny for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s funny because of how ignorant it is. Evolution is not a religion. No evolutionist worships Darwin. Evolution is not reducible to the work and ideas of Darwin. Much much much has been accomplished since the time of Darwin. And it is absolutely acceptable to challenge any scientific idea. However, when one chooses to constantly attack one of the most strongly supported scientific facts of all time, and in-so-doing constantly misunderstands and/or misrepresents the subject matter and neglects to take rebuttals into account, one is quite rightfully written off as a dope, dogmatist, deceiver of the non-expert masses, or all of the above.

Another reason why this is funny is something that I always find funny: when a religious person criticizes atheism or evolution as being a religion in and of itself. It’s like they have an implicit understanding of how full of anti-intellectual dogmatic crap they are.

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7 Responses to “The fundamentalist’s implicit acknowledgement of his own ridiculousness”
  1. lichanos says:

    It’s like they have an implicit understanding of how full of anti-intellectual dogmatic crap they are

    Bravo – excellent point. I have often sensed that, but never found the words to express it.

    Regarding the image at the head of this post, I find it amusing that the graven image is shown in an architectural support with distinctly Islamic syling, revealing the creator’s religious bigotry, and the unconscious self-lampooning to which you refer by virtue of the echo of the Ten Commandments.

    • Anonymous says:

      I really hope all you Darwinists see how pathetic you are. Picking on religious fundamentalists from any faith is like picking on a child with down syndrome, or throwing your feces at a monkey in a zoo. What religious fundamentalists stand for is emberassing for any spiritual, intelligent person, however “big science” is not much better at letting go of dogma, leaving no room for different opinions. If something doesn’t fit the current popular theory it is disposed of. Darwin worship is a very real thing, if someone wishes to disagree with the current dogma they make a laughing stock of that person.

  2. matt says:

    “…when a religious person criticizes atheism or evolution as being a religion in and of itself. ”
    If atheism is a religion, where do I send my tithe? or my registration card? and where can I pick up a book of tenets, you know, so I know what to think and all that jazz? And when is mass?

  3. matt says:

    I just went to that blog. The whole thing from posts to comments is ridiculous.
    the best one is, “if I was naturally selected, how come people think we were intelligently designed?” or something to that effect.

    answer: because science, history, and a host of other studies all come into play. When we were fresh off creating language and fire, the hubble telescope was not available to tell us that the sun was the center of our solar system and we didn’t have carbon 14 dating to tell us how old the earth is… add a few deceitful nomads and whamo! you’ve got creationism’s start!
    sound about right?

  4. pauljub says:


    A lot of Christians prefer not to expose themselves to atheist thought-processes (leaving them quite ignorant on the subject), usually because they’ve already found the the treasure that they were looking for, and are happy to give up everything in life for that one treasure.

    I enjoy conversing with atheists because I don’t write them off as hopeless heathen, and I also find (many) of them to be intelligent (relative to other human beings; certainly not relative to God)!

    Atheism is certainly not a religion. But allow me to propose this: you have assumed that Christianity is a religion, but it is not. Christianity is a new life and relationship in Jesus the Savior. Do understand also, that we are all slaves to something. Perhaps you’ve never given this a thought, but your human mind is constantly chasing after that which it craves; that which it serves. Jesus offers freedom from this bondage, this slavery.

    Please do read this polite, open letter to atheists:

  5. Pleco says:

    Whenever you hear “personal relationship to Jesus”, you know you are dealing with the Evangelical sect of the Christian Cult.

    These believers like to think that since they don’t go through the motions present in the Orthodox churches, that their religion is more “real” or “personal”. They use this to attract people who do not want to be part of a cold and impersonal religion.

    They have blinders on, for they do not see the motions that they themselves go through. They all do the same practices.

    Just because you or your church leader does not wear a funny hat and speak in Latin does not mean you are not part of a religion that has the same emotional traps and intellectual weaknesses as the other religions.

  6. ebu gogo says:

    your proposal about your superstition not being a religion, was negated by your next sentence. Everything after that was so much diarrhea. “we are all slaves to something”
    You might feel your mind is imprisoned, but, then, it actually is..
    Why can’t you free your self & enjoy this life?

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