The funniest Bible verse that I have ever read

I’m currently reading the Bible, Old Testament and New. Working my way through Deuteronomy I nearly broke out laughing when I read this:

Duty to a Dead Brother (25.5-10)

“If two brothers live on the same propery and one of them dies, leaving no son, then his widow is not to be married to someone outside the family; it is the duty of the dead man’s brother to marry her. The first son that they have will be considered the son of the ead man, so that his family line will continue in Israel. But if the dead man’s brother does not want to marry her, she is to go before the town leaders and say, ‘My husband’s brother will not do his duty; he refuses to give his brother a descendant among the people of Israel.’ Then the town leaders are to summon him and speak to him. If he still refuses to marry her, his brother’s widow is to go up to him in the presence of the town leaders, take off one of his sandals, spit in his face, and say, ‘This is what happens to the man who refuses to give his brother a descendant.’ His family will be known in Israel as ‘the family of the man who had his sandal pulled off.’


6 Responses to “The funniest Bible verse that I have ever read”
  1. kesela says:

    Ha! Just wait until you get to the penalty for the woman who tries to save her husband from a fight by grabbing his assailant’s genitalia. Trust me, it gets better. ^_^

  2. wilddreamers says:

    Well, this is just the beingning of all the wierd funny stuff in the bible. There are, please keep reading and discovering.

  3. it could be a touch funnier. If the writer had recorded the reactions of the crowd… which might have been something like, “oooh snap.” good call!

  4. Stephen says:

    Great find… I also got a kick out of Acts 1:18 where after committing suicide, Judas essentially explodes.

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