What do you want me to do? LEAVE? Then they’ll keep being wrong!

The story of my days since starting The Frame Problem.

Duty Calls

7 Responses to “What do you want me to do? LEAVE? Then they’ll keep being wrong!”
  1. evolution says:

    Ha ha. THvae you heard of Maddox? Thought I would share this. 😉


    “Why don’t you do a page about religion? How about those stupid Pagans / Christians / Buddhists / Atheists / Mormons / Hindus / Muslims / Jews, do you think they’re stupid?

    No, give it a rest already. I’m not about to change anyone’s fundamental beliefs with a two paragraph blurb on my web site. Believe what you want to and shut the hell up about it. The whole anti-religion, anti-atheism, anti-whatever theme is tired; GET A NEW CAUSE. If you want a good old fashioned pointless debate about religion, look for it somewhere else. I’m sure you’ll find many self-proclaimed “enlightened” 14 year olds who have it all figured out and are more than happy to tell you their bullshit philosophy about religion and why your beliefs are wrong. “

  2. matt says:

    this is very true. I have wasted much time (that could be better spent with friends or writing those essays I keep putting off) trying to finish a conversation. Even when you write “damn, i have to go to sleep/finish hw” they still have to follow you up with 2 posts, necessitating a response.

  3. L. Ron Brown says:

    Ev: Yeah, I’ve been to Maddox before. I used to read his site pretty regularly years ago. He’s pretty funny. And yeah, a lot of time gets absorbed having these discussions.

  4. The implication here is that someone is waiting for you in bed. Are you trying to share something?

  5. Mark says:

    For me, I wrote obsessively for about a year. It was part of a therapy in my “Walk from Faith”. Now, I just chime in occasionally for the fun of it, and to connect with those that I used to be like (religious/Christians) as well as those that are like me now (atheists/freethinkers/skeptics).

    I think as long as all the questioning continues, it will show positive results in the end as the Internet makes it all available to everyone to think freely and openly … can’t imagine what it was like when my father was growing up on a farm in rural Ontario with nowhere to turn for information.

    Love the cartoon though… also reminds me of video-gaming in university. 😉


  6. L. Ron Brown says:

    TBM: Unfortunately that part of the cartoon doesn’t overlap with my reality at the moment….

  7. Eric Stubbs says:

    I think your time is more well spent publishing your well thought out and well written articles than engaging in debates with people who have regurgitated a response before reading your proposition.

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