Scientologist Fundamentalists

Prepare to be stunned. I just finished watching a video on YouTube in which a camcorder-carrying critic of Scientology attempted to attend a Scientology street event and was not allowed in, despite the fact that the party was on a public street and there was a sign up indicating that all are welcome. The critic was not allowed in. The Scientologists and their security said that it was a private event and that they had received a permit to control the public street for the evening.

The stunning events took place in the two conversations between the critic and 3 Scientologists. The Scientologists were complete nutbars, it would seem. They continually asked the critic why he was afraid of Hubbard, and why he was afraid of Scientology. He said that he wasn’t afraid of either, he was just concerned because of the organization’s criminal behaviours, intolerance of dissent, and the like. When he would bring up the organization’s known unlawful behaviours instead of acknowledging or rebutting the claims, the Scientologists would attempt to dodge the issue by claiming that what the critic brought up wasn’t relevant or by asserting that the critic has committed crimes, and then they proceeded to simply start making up crimes out of thin air. They accused him of being a child molester, a wife beater, and repeatedly asked him what sorts of crime he has been involved in. Why? Because anyone who would try to take down Scientology must be a criminal them self. They must be a criminal, or they must be afraid, or they must not want people to be free. Scientology, they say, is helping people to become free, and anyone who tries to stop Scientology must be afraid of something, and anyone that calls the Church of Scientology a criminal organization must be a criminal.

This video is truly stunning.

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3 Responses to “Scientologist Fundamentalists”
  1. Booclay says:

    It’s so creepy that I can’t even imagine it’s real.

  2. ronbrown says:

    Booclay: It really is, man.

    And to add to it: I actually discovered a quote by Hubbard in which he said something along the lines of that those who try to counter Scientology are criminals; they’re not criminals for countering Scientology, but it is their feeling of guilt that leads them to do it. He has also said that those who try to counter Scientology (“Suppressive Personalities”, SPs) do not deserve to be treated as having human rights, and that it is morally acceptable to harrass, silence and/or destroy them. However, he later revoked this statement because of the bad PR it had generated once it was leaked out. That’s about as good a reason as any to not try to harrass, silence or destroy those who disagree with you, isn’t it?

  3. lie-slayer says:

    Read the above article,and posted comments.
    It still does not cease to amuse me how this type of issue persists on even being “discussed”.Ok,to set whomever reads this comment on the correct footing,lets just say that I speak not from hype(ie:media style,sensationalism),but rather from what counts at the end of the day…clear observable facts,and not soley based on own personal opinion and hands-
    on experience,but rather by a large collective.These I would like to highlight for the “im-still-searching-for-answers” people.
    Scientology,for all effects ,is above all a business,and is run as such.It obeys to all the criteria of all the neccesaries of what qualifies “a business”.ie:it shifts moneys,sells services and physical goods,has tax numbers,is registerd…etc.
    Understanding this,any questions on behaviours,acts or reasons for will be clearly understood.Period.

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