Hateful message directed to Pastarians at Michigan Tech University

“they should be shot and hanged from the tallest redwood and then thrown to the raging sea” read the note posted on the door of the newly-formed Michigan Tech University Pastafarian club. In October, the website of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster reported that the two students who had been identified as the authors of this message were undergoing disciplinary procedures throught the Dean of Students Office. The culprits were deemed to have posted a “threatening message”. I’m curious as to how the university dealt with this. This is clearly a tough one. The Church of the FSM is a parody religion that certainly is disrespectful to the “real” religions. However, to post such a message for the President and VP of the group to read is certainly a threat to those who are taking part in the political statements behind the FSM (e.g., the initial purpose of the movement was to oppose the teaching of Creationism in science classes). As such, how much less seriously—if at all—should this message be taken than if it were attached to the door of the office of a Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, or Christian student group? Or some other type of student group (e.g., LGBT, Republican, Democrat, pro-choice, pro-life, etc.)?

One Response to “Hateful message directed to Pastarians at Michigan Tech University”
  1. abstractionreaction says:

    What they posted on the FSM’s door is exactly the sort of this that the Pastafarians are trying to highlight. Religious fanaticism at its best. They should be treated like they posted those threats on a Jewish, Islamic or Christian group’s door. It’s not tough at all, assuming you believe in equality.

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