Anonymous gets up close and personal with Churches of $cientology around the world

Yesterday was an Anonymously planned day of international in-person protest at Church of $cientology sites. Click here to see a photo essay of the London protest, which was apparently the most highly attended of all protests around the world.

The one thing that I didn’t really agree with in the London protest was where they were saying “This is a religion, this is a cult”, presumably referring to a recognized religion in the first case, and certainly to Scientology in the latter. I personally do not make such a distinction.

The funniest sign that I have seen thus far in my viewing of protest pictures was a small clearly quickly-made sign at the London protest which simply declared “Down with this sort of thing”. I could get behind such a statement.

Hat Tip to Roy N

2 Responses to “Anonymous gets up close and personal with Churches of $cientology around the world”
  1. Ironically on the day (last month some time) I bought my MadV mask I also went to the church of Scientology to get my pulse measured with that funny machine they call a ‘stress tester’.

  2. ronbrown says:

    Sandy: I surely told you the story about when I and our friend Chris R went to the CoS, right? I was on their e-meter, too.

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