The Westborough Baptist Church asks for the address of Heath Ledger’s funeral service

Ed Brayton reports that Fred Phelps’ Westborough Baptist Church has written an open letter to the family of Heath Ledger, asking them to reveal the location of the fallen star’s funeral service….so that they can engage in their ritual protesting of homosexuality in America, condemn the deceased, and celebrate the death of the deceased, calling it a message from God. What loving family wouldn’t want to have such a sideshow at their beloved’s funeral? Nothing like flashy colourful “God Hates Fags” signs to brighten up a funeral service.

The open letter goes so far as to assert that Heath himself would want the WBCers there because, after all, he is now burning in hell and wishes that he wasn’t:

If Heath himself could come back to life for a brief period to speak to his loved ones on earth, he would lift up his voice in a hideous scream, to wit: “Listen to Phelps! For god’s sake, listen to Phelps!”

 Further, it claims that the Ledger family “owe[s] it to the youth of the world, whom Heath misled via “Brokeback Mountain” into believing it was okay to be gay. I say, you owe it to the youth of the world to use Heath’s funeral to correct that lie. It’s NOT OK to be gay. It is a great sin against God. It will destroy the life and damn the soul. All those whom Heath misled will arrive ultimately in Hell, and they will curse Heath to his face throughout all eternity.”

I have an idea for counter-protesting (or just plain mocking and infuriating the WBC). In the Goobacks episode of South Park (I believe it was episode 801, but am not certain) immigrants from the overpopulated future were traveling back in time to find work in the present. This infuriated a large group of disgruntled present-day citizens as the time-traveling immigrants were “takin’ their jabs!” (obviously, this episode was a spoof of American citizens against illegal immigrants “stealing” their jobs). Bent on ridding America of these time-immigrants, the frustrated all-male group of now-jobless Americans came up with a strategy for decreasing birth rates so as to decrease future overpopulation so as to decrease immigration of people from the future: BECOME GAY! If everyone “gets gay”, there won’t be no kids which means no immigrants from the future. Brilliant! What they ended up doing was joining into a big gay pile of fornicating men in the middle of the city where they could be seen by all.

Perhaps people annoyed with the WBC should engage in a similar project directly outside of the Westborough Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. All ye gay males and very secure heterosexual males who would like to help frustrate these deluded hate-mongers come one come all! For those who cannot bring themselves to participate in the sexuality (which, given nudity laws, would have to be limited to something between PG-13 and R-rated activity, but not full-blown R), you can come and cheer on your peers. Or better yet, how about organizing the next major Gay Pride parade in Topeka, Kansas! Oh, the possibilities….

16 Responses to “The Westborough Baptist Church asks for the address of Heath Ledger’s funeral service”
  1. keltic says:

    hmmmm, a big ole gay kiss-in on the street in front of the Westboro Baptist Church! Sounds like fun, and much more loving than any protest Phelps ever organized!

  2. Miykael Poly says:

    they sure have some balls… I would tell them a wrong address, somewhere where they would really make fools out of them selfs, or get their butt bruised…

  3. the chaplain says:

    I would tell them a wrong address, somewhere where they would really make fools out of them selfs, or get their butt bruised…

    Does anyone know the address of an upcoming Russian Mafia funeral?

  4. Miykael Poly says:

    One cannot learn a lesson, if one is dead after the lesson is over, and besides we would not be any better than them if they were sent to piss of some mafia.

  5. possummomma says:

    I think a Gay Pride parade around the block of the Phelps compound would be awesome. Or…how about a picnic on a neighbor’s lawn? Surely there’s someone in the neighborhood who detests Phelps enough to offer up some green space.

  6. Eddie says:

    We just have to wait a little longer and (as is almost always the case with these guys) we’ll find out he’s gay and he’s so f$#ed in the head he thinks there is something wrong with that. Then we can pity him some more, after all you pity the mentally handicapped.

  7. ryan says:

    Why haven’t we kicked this “colt” out of America yet?
    they should really go and live in Iraq or Africa they don’t common sense

  8. Tommy says:

    I dont understand this group of people who are from the Westborough Baptists Church. Their signs obviously say they hate America, so I dont understand why they are still living in America. In the end, their undesired fate will be determined, not by god, but themselves.

  9. Richard says:

    First, these people are to be pitied, if you can find it in your heart to do so. Second, other that this message, I don’t intend to recognize them or their tenets for any reason. Third, they must live truly unhappy lives to be so full of hate toward the world. Fourth, this is another example of someone bastardizing the work of God to suit their own kpurposes. Enough said?

  10. Jenna says:

    What the frick? What is wrong with you people? How can you call yourselves christ followers? As christians you should strive to be more like Jesus. The bible says to love each other like your neighbor. No where in the bible does it say God hates ANYONE! He loves everyone and everyone is covered by grace. But that is no excuse to go and sin. So quit criticizing others and pick up your bible and read what the bible really says! like ghandi said, “I don’t have a problem with your Christianity, But your Christians!”
    Giving people negative out look towards God and no one wants that you should be disciples of Christ.
    May God have mercy on you and your stupidity.

  11. J. says:

    Jenna, if “striving to be like Jesus” worked in this case, I think we’d be a lot further as a society.

    I’m all for a protest in front of Fred Phelps and Westboro Church! Kiss as your lives and lifestyles depended on it!

  12. Mel Hill says:

    Judge not, lest ye be judged, by the same standards which you judge others. Westborough Baptist Church, is acually not a church at all. The hate filled satan worhship cult, that inhabits it, they are not actually human. I know some men, and women who have died following the orders of the country, and doing what they thought was right, and the very worst of them…….Well, lets just say that the so called church does not contain one living creature that could be a puss filled infection, on the sole of these fine American men and Women that gave their lives. Even the unborn children of the westborough satan lovers are dead before they are born into the air of the earth. I know some folks that would love to catch you at a funeral, they would be happy to send you to your God for ever if you would like their help. Westborough is where the devil trains his earthly demons. Please kill yourselves like all worthless puss filled infections should do. Weeping and nashing of teeth.your destiny

  13. lord hades (kinda) says:

    a kiss in as suggested by keltic, I LIKE IT! it would be the ULTRA protest against them

  14. Mikey B says:

    Best part is Fred Phelps himself is a homosexual! he molest children and then preaches his hate. this guy needs to be locked up and have some big 400 lb cell mate spoon his ass for next 8-20 yrs.

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