The Pope on human dignity

Scientific American recently presented the Pope’s views on the implications of certain biology research and biotechnology practices for human dignity. According to Pope Benedict, embryonic stem cell research, artificial insemination and the prospect of human cloning have “shattered” human dignity. Hmmm, and I suppose that indoctrinating children to believe that they are born sinners who are on a runaway train to hell if they do not give themselves to an alleged 2000 year old virgin-born man-God is good for human dignity….

If it weren’t for religion, would we still respect the views of morons? Well, yeah, I bet a lot of people still would….

3 Responses to “The Pope on human dignity”
  1. Stoobs says:

    Embrionic stem cell research is worse for human dignity than the diseases it could cure? I find that position hard to swallow. Then again, I’d think twice about swallowing anything put in front of me by a Catholic clergyman.

  2. Eddie says:

    It’s always amusing to hear of an “ex”-Nazi speak of human dignity. Ratsinger was willing to sell out to the Nazi’s for his own skin but won’t let a sperm meet an egg in a semi-controlled way! Wow! Reminds me of Gandhi (

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