The latest antics of the Dishonesty, errr, Discovery Institute

It must be nice to value honesty so little as to have no qualms with deleting conversations that make you look bad from your website. I wonder how the Discovery Institute is able to reconcile their dishonesty with their Christian morals. Hmm, well I guess if you’re lying for Jesus it’s okay.

So what did they do this time? PZ Myers recently debated IDiot Geoffrey Simmons on a Christian radio program. The Dishonesty Institute’s blog had a discussion going as the debate happened. Apparently many of the commenters had conceded the debate to Myers, though they disagreed with him. What was the Dishonesty Institute’s response? What else? They took the thread down! If only all of us could simply delete our embarrassments from history as easily as the DI can. PZ notes that the thread has been preserved here.

PZ makes his feelings toward these antics clear:

I don’t like to do this; even when discussing the work of the anti-scientists in the creationist movement, we should link to their work. But I’m not going to link to Uncommon Descent ever again. It’s not that they’re wrong or that I disagree with them, but that the site is profoundly dishonest and unreliable, and can’t be trusted. I’m not going to link to a site which will freely shift and modify their content to polish their image, since who knows where any link will end up.

Ric, a¬†commenter on PZ’s post, had this to say:

Yes, the crooks and liars at Uncommon Descent need to be called out. Let me do so:

William Dembski: You are a dishonest embarrassment to Christians.

Denyse O’Leary: You are a blatant liar and propagandist.

Dave Scot: You are a lying embarrassment to the human race.

The funny thing is they complain incessantly that their ideas are being censored. They, of course, are the biggest proponents of censorship around.

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