Taking Denyse O’Leary to task

Denyse “Queen of Canadian IDiots” O’Leary declares the following:

The universe is clearly fine-tuned for life, and – as I like to say – if God didn’t do it, his replacement from the celestial temp agency is pretty Good.

I wonder if she can justify this assertion without falling into one of these pitfalls:

1) arguments from ignorance;
2) arguments from authority (e.g., the Bible says it; the Church says it; or billions of people have believed it so it is probably a good idea);
3) cherry-picking and hindsight informed interpretations of scripture;
4) the assumption that *this* universe and humans are special (e.g., the probability of all of *this* state of affairs occurring without intentionality is so low that there must have been a designer, which is like saying that if one wins the lottery the lottery must have been fixed for them to win because the odds of it were so low);
5) arguments from personal experience—which can be made by people of irreconcileably different faiths, secular meditators, and many drug users;
6) misunderstandings of science;
7) botched logical processing and/or evidence interpretation.

If she can, give her a Nobel Prize.

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