My favourite CogSci blogger has joined in the ridiculing of the new creationism “science” journal

Deric Bownds discusses the new Answers in Genesis “scientific” journal, Answers Research Journal:

This from the Jan. 23 online Nature News:

Papers will be peer reviewed by those who “support the positions taken by the journal”, according to editor-in-chief Andrew Snelling, a geologist based in Brisbane, Australia.

The Answers Research Journal makes life simple. You start with the result you want, and work from there. Much more efficient than conventional science.

This is what I like to see: Bloggers from the scientific community joining in on the pointing and laughing (and down-cast head shaking) directed at Intelligent Design Creationists.

Welcome, Deric! The view is terrific. But the show….well, the show is just awful…

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