Where is Shalini Sehkar?

I’m kind of worried about Shalini Sehkar. Shalini is a pretty well-known (and pretty) atheist blogger who has been conspicuous in her recent absence. Roughly a week ago her blog at http://shalinisehkar.com/ went down, and has been down ever since. I also just read that her Facebook profile was taken down and that there are apparently signs that something bad is going on. While I have only read her blog a few times I know her style and so was going to send her a link to a post of mine when I learned that her site was still down and that she has been pretty much completely unheard from during this period.

Shalini: If you are reading this I hope that everything is going well with you. Along with a host of other bloggers that have already offered to lend a hand in anyway they can, the same goes for me.

3 Responses to “Where is Shalini Sehkar?”
  1. selittle says:

    Shalini is having some issues that are not yet public. Rest assured that when she is able to let us all know what is going on she will. There have been several of us that have heard some from her, she is alright but due to the nature of the issues she is having no one is able to comment on it yet. Go to this post on Sandwalk and read the comments, it will not enlighten you much but it will assure you that Shalini is in our thoughts.


  2. ronbrown says:


    Thanks for the update. Appreciate it.

  3. Yeah, I got a message from her and it sounded like it was pretty serious. I hate to wonder what happened. But she sounded really concerned. I wonder if it’s some sort of legal trouble.


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