Mike Huckabee: His ignorance might be cute if he were a five year old and weren’t running for President…

Larry Moran at Sandwalk has posted a video in which Mike Huckabee, as Governor of Arkansas, claims that evolution is just a theory, is not an established fact, and that it the fair thing to do is teach Creationism along with the theory of evolution because many people believe it. Apparently Huckabee is unaware that evolutionary theory refers to the mechanisms of evolution (e.g., natural selection, genetic drift). That evolution (i.e., genetic changes in populations over time) did happen is a well established scientific fact. And how wonderful it is that Huckabee thinks that truth is democratically determined. I guess this means that as the Islamic population continues to grow faster than the populations of other religions, the truth value of the Koran will grow at a proportional rate. As PZ Myers has suggested, perhaps we should all vote that money will rain from the sky on a weekly basis.

Moran asks if the part of the reason that people don’t call people like Huckabee out on their BS is out of politeness. Well, apparently it is unprofessional to to challenge the assertions of Presidential candidates.

2 Responses to “Mike Huckabee: His ignorance might be cute if he were a five year old and weren’t running for President…”
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  2. […] Brown mein in seinem Blog “The Frame Problem“, dass Mike Huckabees Ignoranz eigentlich ganz nett sei, wenn er fünf Jahre alt und nicht […]

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