23 year old Afghani sentenced to death for publishing article critical of treatment of women in the Quran

Ed Brayton reports that 23 year old Afghani student and journalist, Sayed Parwez Kambakhsh, has been sentenced to death in Afghanistan on the charge of blasphemy for having had the gall to publish an article online in which he criticizes the treatment of women in the Quran. The US Commission on International Religious Freedom has sent a letter to Condoleezza Rice demanding that she pressure the Afghani government to release Kambakhsh.

What a deplorable state of affairs. Anyone that would do this to another deserves nothing but the strongest scorn and opposition.



An Exercise in Futility has this to say:

How about this as a suggestion for spreading freedom throughout the world? Make it part of our government’s foreign policy that it will suspend aid and assistance to any country in the world that does not explicitly ban the death penalty for blasphemy. Here in America it is blindingly obvious, but perhaps the message needs to be shouted through a megaphone:


You can give the Afghan Embassy here in the United States the message at:


3 Responses to “23 year old Afghani sentenced to death for publishing article critical of treatment of women in the Quran”
  1. Drs. William K. Gelok says:

    I am sure that the prophet Muhammed agrees with Kambakhsh… Muhammed sends him his blessings from heaven!!! He did not low the Propet and Islam : he lifted the blessed inheritance!!!

  2. Think a little says:

    It is easy for Westerners or those who hold anti-Islam sentiments to keep calling out the expression ‘freedom’ and use that as an excuse to insult other people’s belief. You cannot in the name of Freedom do whatever you like. Attributing false claims to a religion or taking things out of context and not providing an arena were things can be properly and intellectually rather than emotionally (as the media plays on) debated is an abuse of freedom not freedom. There are certainly limits to freedom. For example a person cannot kill another just for pleasure or a person cannot make false claims about a person. Apparently in the Western world a person cannot even claim that eveything said about the holocaust might not be true even though that person might believe it was an horrific event nevertheless. What right does the Western world have to decide the limits of freedom?!! The biggest contributer to the problems of the World is the Western world’s arrogance that is accompanied by ignorance that believes its barbaric culture is superior to everyone else’s.
    Everyday we hear about Muslims not integrating in Europe because they live in Europe. What right do you have then to tell people in other parts of the World how to live their.
    Refuse aid?!! How about Middle East closing the tap on its oil so the West learn a thing or two.

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