Quick Endorsement of Cloverfield

Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy has given an enthusiastic endorsement for the movie Cloverfield. I’m going to have to second him on this one.

For those unfamiliar with this movie, which is currently in theatres, here’s a very quick summary. The setting is current day Manhattan. A group of friends are celebrating one of the friends’ leaving for Japan for a great job in a Manhattan condo/appartment when all of a sudden all chaos breaks loose. Something huge has happened but nobody knows what. The entire city appears to be rattling. Buildings are tumbling down. The lights go out. Debris everywhere. Run!!!

What makes this movie really cool, besides the amazing depiction of the chaos and destruction, is that it is presented Blair Witch style. Throughout the movie a camcorder is being used by one of protagonists. The concept of the movie is that we are watching the recorded video of the amazing events after the fact.

I went to this movie expecting and hoping to be horrified. I generally am not one for scare movies. But now that I am practicing meditation and paying more attention to my experience, I thought it would be cool to simply appreciate the experience of pure horror. I didn’t really get that, though. I didn’t find it to be scary at all, actually, though I could see how some would. A lot depends on how deeply one can get into the movie.

Anyhow, very cool movie. And this is coming from a person who is not a scary, crazy-effects movie enthusiast.

2 Responses to “Quick Endorsement of Cloverfield”
  1. Blair witch started the trend but it is quite common in reality TV shows and fiction, remember Arrested Development? I expect it will become more common in the future as it attempts to emulate the authentic human experience find so easily on YouTube and LiveLeak. As more of the population produces entertainment easily with there cellphones and digital cameras Hollywood will attempt to get in on the style, its popular after all.

  2. ronbrown says:

    Arrested development is different, though. It may use handhelds, but it’s not first-person.

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