Mike Huckabee well-received at Christian Conservative White Supremacist Convention

The Raw Story reports on Mike Huckabee’s January 17 speech to the Council of Conservative Citizens:

As South Carolina’s Republican primary election draws nearer, Mike Huckabee has ratcheted up his appeals to the racial nationalism of white evangelicals. “You don’t like people from outside the state coming in and telling you what to do with your flag,” the former Arkansas governor told a Myrtle Beach crowd on January 17, referring to the Confederate flag. “If somebody came to Arkansas and told us what to do with our flag, we’d tell them what to do with the pole. That’s what we’d do.”

According to The Raw Story, this is not the first time Huckabee has rubbed elbows with this Conferate flag-waving group of Americans for a white, Christian, heterosexual, economically conservative, traditional America (Click here to read the CofCC’s Statement of Principles). A 1993 speech to the organization was said to be “extremely well received.”

That this group is part of Huckabee’s base adds to why we would be rightly concerned if he were to become President. Fortunately, though, this is very unlikely to happen. It is interesting that he spoke to this organization in the first place, as this group is described by The Raw Story as being “mostly a source of embarrassment to Republicans hoping to move their party beyond it’s race-baiting image.” Between speaking to a white supremacist organization and endorsing the official Christianization of the Constitution, it’s seems that Huckabee is targeting himself exclusively toward hardline Christian Conservatives.

Hat Tip: Dispatches from the Culture Wars

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