Gay Jesus play has Anglican Bishop’s panties in a ruffle

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that a play, Corpus Christi, depicting Jesus as a gay man who is seduced by Judas and performs a gay marriage for two apostles has been condemned by religious leaders as the play sets to open in Sydney, Australia.Robert Forsyth, the Anglican Bishop of South Sydney, is outraged at the “unhistorical and untrue” depiction of the son of God and some of his disciples as homosexual. Technically, can he really know that Jesus wasn’t gay? He might’ve at least been bi. I mean, just look at him with his long flowing hair. I’m not saying that he was gay, I’m just saying…  Forsyth described the play as being deliberately rather than innocently offensive. Director Leigh Rowley, a Christian, denies that the play mocked Christ, but acknowledged that it would offend some Christians.

If it helps Mr. Forsyth, though, I too am outraged. I’m outraged at the probably unhistorical and untrue depiction of Jesus as the son of God. This play isn’t making anybody happy!

Australian Family Association spokeswoman Angela Conway said that the play’s creators had committed “a big enough crime” by neglecting to treat Christianity and Christian believers with more sensitivity. Yes, we all know how fragile and easily bruised Christian sensibilities can be. Let us forever treat Christians as children and avoid saying things to them that may take away their innocense. Conway went on to say that “the ideas are offensive and really border on blasphemy”. 

The play provoked impassioned protest in the US, incuding bomb threats and death threats to playwright, Terrance McNally. It’s nice to know that Christian extremists are at least trying to not fall too far behind Islamic extremists in their violent reprisals for unfavourable representations of their untouchable religious beliefs. McNally compared the rejection he faced as a young gay man in Texas to Christ’s persecution. And I thought Christ said to judge not lest ye be judged…. I guess they must have edited that part out.

The play is set to open at the New Theatre in Newtown on February 7 as part of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardis Gras. Any Aussies reading this who attend are welcome to leave a post on how the play was.

3 Responses to “Gay Jesus play has Anglican Bishop’s panties in a ruffle”
  1. jos76 says:

    I have seen this play and it was not great. However, I do recommend “The Most Fabulous Story EVer Told”. It is much funnier and mush more enjoyable. Check it out.

  2. Stoobs says:

    I have no plans to see this play, but I feel good just knowing it exists. Anything that offends religious people is good in my books.

  3. Roy says:

    The maker and those that agree with it,don’t dare have the guts to make anything near this about Ali or any of the lesser gods

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