Apparently some in the Mormon church believe that Bigfoot is Cain, and is real

Which leads one to wonder: Are these Mormons trying to be laughed at? To be fair, though, it’s no more ridiculous than the core truth claims of Mormonism, or of the trinity, archangel Gabriel, Noah’s Ark, Adam and Eve, and, well, you see where I’m going with this…

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8 Responses to “Apparently some in the Mormon church believe that Bigfoot is Cain, and is real”
  1. bgchavis says:

    Bigfoot / sasquatch / whatever you want to call it…..
    The facts of what we know about this being, fit with the King James Version, of what is described in the old testamant writings of humans that were a people then.

    It may or may not hold up to the teachings of any modern “church”…including, but not exclusive to, the “mormans”.

    But then, the biblical definition of “church” doesn’t hold up to any modern religious teachings” now, either…..

    Doesn’t make any of THE BIBLE less true… just less known to man… Or more pointedly…people simply don’t actually read it anymore.
    The truth is, and has always been there to read.
    And the “bigfoot” are also there… and have been..
    God does not change….
    just “people in thier understanding”..and there mistaken perseptions…that are usually based on some one elses words, that they have read and believed….rather than them studying the bible themseves.

    You can choose to dog a “morman, baptist, catholic”…or any “religion” we have today.
    But if you take the time to “ACTUALLY READ THE BIBLE FOR YOURSELF”…. You will know the truth…. and wil no longer feel the need to post simple singular corrections to any one false religion….

    Don’t blame the “mormans”… they actually have hads it closer, than any of todays false teachings… but none are true.
    The Bible, and the Lord are true.
    “The Church” is the people who really believe in Christ, and God.
    No “buildings”, no “memberships”, “no strings attached”.
    That is the “SIMPLICITY OF CHRIST”… that is in the bible.
    No “religion” to this day, has grasped it…simply because they have all gotten caught up in making money.
    God, does not need your money…. or will ever care about it…. find him beyond those requests..and you will know the truth….. and the “BF”…will seek you… because they already know.

  2. ronbrown says:

    As I say constantly, the Bible has every indication of being fictional. Make an argument for it that does not fall into one of these traps:
    1. being an argument from ignorance (I don’t know how the universe got here, therefore god did it)
    2. an argument from convenience (e.g., we need a moral code as without one there would be no absolute right and wrong which would be very impractical and uncomfortable, therefore god)
    3. an argument from authority (e.g., this high-status person says it, therefore it must be true)
    4. argument from popularity (since a high proportion of the population believes it, it must be true)
    5. argument from personal experience (personal experience is not a strong source of evidence because such experiences are had by people of all faiths, by secular meditators, and by the users of some elicit drugs; moreover, given the pervasiveness of Christianity in most Western nations (esp. in the US, but also Canada, Australia, UK, etc) it should not be surprising when one has a God dream (just like it should not be surprising when one has a dream involving Bush, Tom Cruise, Hulk Hogan, Justin Timberlake, Sidney Crosby, or other cultural icons); moreover, given that God is believed in by many and is said to be all-powerful and all-knowing, it is not surprising that many people will cite in him in explanation of improbable events); lastly, the argument from personal experience stands against the admonishment to “just read the Bible and you will believe”. Any religious person of any faith could say this. We need a tie-breaker, and it’s not going to come from these books. It has to come from outside of them.
    6. argument that atheism is itself a religion; firstly, agnostic atheism makes no faith claims and has no stances on morality, so it’s not a religion; second, even if it was, that would be meaningless to the truth value of Christianity.
    7. arguments based on misunderstandings or misrepresentations of science.
    8. And of course the circular argument: God wrote/inspired the Bible, and the Bible says that it is true in all of its worths, and we can be sure of that because God wrote it,….

    Every argument for any religion has always fallen into one or more (usually more) of these holes. If you can put forth a rational argument that steps outside of these traps, you sir should write a book.

    Regarding Big Foot: Until you can argue effectively for the Bible, I personally will not accept it as sufficient evidence for the extraordinary claim of Big Foot.

  3. M says:

    Interesting post. I find it kind of strange how there is so much argument around “No God”, as if there is something to be gained. Weird as it seems, God is the only one who offers something wonderful for the post death future in heaven. Who wouldn’t want to hope for that? Also, as for the comments about God not caring about money, you must have missed that stuff in the Bible, because it is everywhere. How a person deals with money tells you a lot about what they value and believe in. As in any investigation, “follow the money”. OK, bottom line, I wouldn’t want to face the “certain” future after death without looking intently into the possibilities of God. Think about it from a plain logic stand point. No God, nothing to consider, death is the end. If God exists, better learn the plan, and be a part of the inheritance. Even Albert Einstein said that energy goes on forever. So, from a scientifice stand point, it points toward the possibility of “more to come” after death.

  4. L. Ron Brown says:

    Why argue “no god”? The only reason to argue no God is that many people argue for God with terrible arguments for it and yet billions still believe and there are very many very real consequences for these beliefs.

    Next, the afterlife. If I were to make up a story and say that if you believe it and do what it asks of you, you will live after death in a paradise, I still have not offered you anything but emotional reasons for believing. I’ve offered you nothing in the way of real evidence. Secondly, it’s not like there’s only ever been one interpretation of one God being spoken of. There are have been thousands of *known* supernatural superpowers that people have believed in in fairly large numbers. Some proportion of them made promises for an afterlife. So it’s not like there are only two choices, God or Not God, there are actually an potentially infinite number of choices, as there are an infinite range of potentially true stories.

    As for the Einstein thing, if Einstein said that energy goes on forever, that has absolutely no necessary implications for human life and an afterlife. One can die and the matter and energy that comprised them could go on indefinitely in an endless string of transient forms – soil, spider, grass, tree, …… Given that religions have all described the afterlife as being immaterial, any scientific claim to be made about the permanence of material energy is fully irrelevant to the religious claims.

  5. Rachel says:

    Does anybody know anything about these Stories from the Golden Age? Ads for them are all over the place on buses here in San Francisco… I didn’t think that the municipal bus agency would take money from Scientology but maybe the authors name didn’t ring a bell or something…

  6. Michelle says:

    I find it so ironic how the Mormon church takes so much criticism because we believe that bigfoot may be Cain, but the Caltholic church believes that they can make “demons” leave a person’s body. I think that all churches have their truths, but instead of so many people bash the mormon church maybe they should really find out what they are bashing before they decide to do it!

  7. thomas says:

    Psalms82:6 I have said… YE Are…Gods!
    And all of you are the Children of the Most High.

    John10:33 The Jews answered Him saying…
    “For good work we stone Thee not… but for blasphemy. And because that Thou… being a man… makest thyself God”
    Jesus answered them… “Is it not written (by moses) in your law, I said…’YE’ are… ‘Gods’!!
    If ‘HE’ called ‘them’ Gods…. unto whom (moses) the word came. And the Scripture cannot be broken.
    Say Ye of ‘Him’… Whom the Father hath sanctified… and sent into the World.
    Thou Blasphemest!… Because I said…I AM the… Son of God.” (Son of a Man)

    Understand? go to

  8. haj says:

    I am a Mormon, and I am laughing at this nonsense about Cain being Bigfoot. I thought I’d heard every Mormon myth out there. Here is a new one to add to the collection of falsehoods.

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