A Special Post for a Special Person


Very rarely will I ever post on a topic that does not pertain to science, religion, politics, culture, ethics, morality, cognitive science, human rights issues, or the nature and cultivation of wisdom. And essentially never do I post an entire entry on the main page, rather than simply presenting a brief snippet there and inviting the reader to read the rest of the entry by clicking the appropriate link. It takes something very special for me to deviate from my usual posting topics and to take up 5 or 6 posts worth of homepage real estate for a single post. Today is the first time something of this nature has come up. My mother’s birthday!

On Sunday, January 20th we will be celebrating the birth of my wonderful mother. Like most parent-offspring relationships, we fight and annoy each other constantly. But at the end of the day, we’re right there for each other. While I temporarily forget it constantly, and express it somewhat infrequently, when it comes down to it I am just plain lucky to have the mother I have. This was made clear recently when I had the misfortune of being a part of an automobile accident and, for a variety of reasons, was residing in a Toronto hospital for over 40 days. For the first month my mom did not miss a single day without visiting me for hours—and had it not been for me being all mommed out and having had the good fortune of a number of good friends who also visited very regularly, she surely would not have missed a day, period. She was there so often that other patients thought that she was my physiotherapist. And because she looks so young, 3 or 4 thought she was my girlfriend…. A number of the medical staff commented on her devotion—one even saying that her frequency of visitation was all but unprecedented in his experience. And to add to this, last night she and my step father had all the friends that paid so many visits to me over for dinner to thank them.

During my final year at the University of Toronto I was invited to give a lecture in one of my Cognitive Science courses. My mom was very excited about this. Unfortunately, she came down with the flu about 2 days before the big day. That was not going to stop her from attending, though. In the end, I ended up stopping her from attending because I was nervous enough as it was without having my mother there, but at one point she had said to my step father that she would crawl to the lecture hall if she had to, and she would have.

Really, the better part of our last 20 years has consisted of her annoying me, me annoying her, but at the end of the day, a genuine bond. Having split up with my father when I was 2, my mom played the role of mom, dad, provider, cooker, cleaner, chauffeur, and supporter essentially independently and admirably. And while I’m by no means perfect, nor free of personal problems, and while as in every relationship mistakes have been made on both sides, at the end of the day there is no doubt that her heart has always been warm, her intentions always good, and her successes towering over mistakes both in number and magnitude.

So on this day, I publicly stand on my cyber roof top and declare to the world “Happy Birthday, Mom! You’re the Best!”

Please feel free to join me in wishing a wonderful person a wonderful day.

3 Responses to “A Special Post for a Special Person”
  1. sometimes you kids have no idea how deeply, utterly in love with you we moms are.

    happy birthday, ronbrown’s mom!

  2. Rachel says:

    From one mom to the other:

    Happy Birthday, Ron’s Mom!

    Ron: Thank you for the reminder that you kids do love us moms ;-).


  3. N.Brown says:

    Thank you Ron… I am truly touched

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