The Koran in Question? Powerful new evidence against Islam?

A secret archive of ancient Islamic text which could challenge the very core of the truth value of Islam’s claim of Allah has surfaced after 60 years of suppression.

It is written in Asia Times Online that

No one is going to produce proof that Jesus Christ did not rise from the grave three days after the Crucifixion, of course. Humankind will choose to believe or not that God revealed Himself in this fashion. But Islam stands at risk of a Da Vinci Code effect, for in Islam, God’s self-revelation took the form not of the Exodus, nor the revelation at Mount Sinai, nor the Resurrection, but rather a book, namely the Koran. The Encyclopaedia of Islam (1982) observes, “The closest analogue in Christian belief to the role of the Koran in Muslim belief is not the Bible, but Christ.” The Koran alone is the revelatory event in Islam.

What if scholars can prove beyond reasonable doubt that the Koran was not dictated by the Archangel Gabriel to the Prophet Mohammad during the 7th century, but rather was redacted by later writers drawing on a variety of extant Christian and Jewish sources? That would be the precise equivalent of proving that the Jesus Christ of the Gospels really was a composite of several individuals, some of whom lived a century or two apart.

It is speculated in the Asia Times that these ancient texts were hidden away during WWII by the Nazis, who were motivated to maintain good relations with the Islamic leaders with whom they shared anti-semitic alliances.

The Asia Times reports that there has long been strong pressure against free inquiry into the authorship of the Koran. Jobs have been lost, research funding cut, and international and interfaith dialogue has been strained by this resistance. Apparently, it has long been the case that one probes the history of the Koran at their own risk, and the risk is substantial.

Speaking of international and interfaith dialogue and relations, the Asia Times says that

The Islamic world is forced to adopt an openly irrational stance, employing its power to intimidate scholars and frustrate the search for truth. It is impossible for Muslims to propose a dialogue with Western religions, as 38 Islamic scholars did in an October 13 letter to Pope Benedict XVI and other Christian leaders, and rule the subject of text criticism out of the discussion.

Precisely for this reason, Church leaders see little basis for a dialogue with Islam. Jean-Louis Cardinal Tauran, who directs the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, told the French daily La Croix, “Muslims do not accept discussion about the Koran, because they say it was written under the dictates of God. With such an absolutist interpretation, it’s difficult to discuss the contents of the faith.”

The report concludes with the following statement:

Throughout the Internet, Islamist sites denouce the work of a handful of marginalized scholars as evidence of a plot by Christian missionaries to sabotage Islam. What the Muslim world cannot conceal is its vulnerability and fear in the face of Koranic criticism.

While it would not stun me if this was some sort of conspiracy against Islam, it also does not stun me that many Islamic bloggers are immediately jumping to this conclusion.

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22 Responses to “The Koran in Question? Powerful new evidence against Islam?”
  1. 1arabella says:

    in the “hadid” is reported, that M. went out into the wilderness for meditation and to him happened, what does to all meditators (even Jesus ) Evil spirits, the devil appears and tries to get them. M. got revelations by a spirit calling himself Gibril and telling him a lot of things. M. went home and reported to his wife Fatima, who persuaded him to believe. M. found contradictions to Judaism and Christian belief and his angel told him that the later revelation is always the better( conceding that this angel himself brought erring messages)
    Islam has been a suspicious message from its very beginnings!

    • aly says:

      You are confused. Muhammad was in the desert,first of all, so where didthewilderness come from? Second, Fatima is his daughter, not his wife. Third, not a spirit, an angel, unlike yourbible wherePaul (the founderof Christianity found a light who was speaking falsehoods on the road to Damascus, and in your same book it says Satan comes in that same form that was described, a light, who does not truly reveal himself.

  2. ronbrown says:

    And by “M.” 1arabella is referring to MUHAMMED. There. I said it.

  3. Eddie says:

    After Satanic verses it’s hard to think of any Koranic investigation as offensive… but then they did call of his death. It is kinda sad since many Muslims and Arabic speaker regard the Koran as the “best” Arabic and so whomever wrote it was quite talented (at least to them). But with an irrational view that it was dictated by an angel (how you tell an angel from a demon who is trying to trick you is actually simple by using the ACME demon detection kit) this would convince no one just as the christian evangelicals think the bible was magically put together despite historical evidence.

    It would also not surprise any educated person who knows anything of the Koran since the beginning (likely written when Mohammad was not in power) is very kind and conciliatory but farther on is where all the nasty stuff is and is from when Mohammad was in power. For a really interesting fictional analogy see the tale of the Muad’Dib in Dune.

  4. Interesting post. I have just posted something on interreligous dialogue, with comments representing very different positions. Here is the link in case you are interested:

  5. محمد says:

    اولا الاسلام ليس بحاجه الى ان يبرء نفسه واذا كانت الديانه المسيحيه حقيقه فأتونى برد على هذا:-انى اتعجب لقبر يضم رب والاعجب منه انه عاش داخل بطن امه يعنى ولد طفل ذليل ضعيف يفتح فمه لثدى امه حتى يقدر ان يعيش يأكل ويشرب وينام ويغفل عن الكون الذى خلقه ,,,,,فأين الحق الاسلام هو الحق الذى ينص على ارسال رساله وهى ان الله واحد لا شريك له هو الذى خلق كل شى ولم يخلق ولم يولد ولم يلد وقادر على كل شىء وهو الذى اعطى سيدنا عيسى الحق فأن ينفخ فى الطين فيصبح بهيئة طير كما سخر لسيدنا سليمان الجن والملائكة والحيوانات وجعله يفهم لغتهم ويسمعهم وكما خلق عيسى بدون اب خلق ادم بدون ام او اب وخلق حواء من ادم ومن دون ام لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله

  6. محمد says:

    اولا الاسلام ليس بحاجه الى ان يبرء نفسه واذا كانت الديانه المسيحيه حقيقه فأتونى برد على هذا:-انى اتعجب لقبر يضم رب والاعجب منه انه عاش داخل بطن امه يعنى ولد طفل ذليل ضعيف يفتح
    فمه لثدى امه حتى يقدر ان يعيش يأكل ويشرب وينام ويغفل عن الكون الذى خلقه ,,,,,فأين الحق الاسلام هو الحق الذى ينص على ارسال رساله وهى ان الله واحد لا شريك له هو الذى خلق كل شى ولم يخلق ولم يولد ولم يلد وقادر على كل شىء وهو الذى اعطى سيدنا عيسى الحق فأن ينفخ فى الطين فيصبح بهيئة طير كما سخر لسيدنا سليمان الجن والملائكة والحيوانات وجعله يفهم لغتهم ويسمعهم وكما خلق عيسى بدون اب خلق ادم بدون ام او اب وخلق حواء من ادم ومن دون ام لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله

  7. aly says:

    Okay first of all, on numerousoccasions has Jesus Christ been proven not to have risen from the dead and not to even have been crucified, by your own bible. Here’s the link: (this is the firstpart). The cruciFICTION is more like it, since it has been debunked once and for all.

    Second, not a single source has been provided (a whole lot of POWERFUL stuff this is)My 10 year old nephew knows the answersto all of these ridiculous statements. I myself have dealed with far more challenging so called arguements. A fair warning to all who read the above article, use this on any common Muslimandyou will most definitely be humiliated.

  8. Ben says:

    Its human nature to avoid a subject that was created by a Lie. Islam and their so called scholars get offended when their cult is questioned. Its a fact that the so called angel in the cave was a demon, allah is not the True God of the Holy Bible but Satan who hides behind this generic name that means “the god” I strongly recommend “Islam, in light of History” by Rafat Amari, The Truth hurts but We who beleive in the True God must take Muslims away from the deception of Satan. Israel is constantly finding archaelogical sites that support the Holy Bible, Ask a Muslim for PROOF that the Kaba was there before the 4th century, after all they claim Abraham and Ishmael built it. LOL

  9. Ben says:

    I forgot to mention.. Do you think that our True God Yahweh will wait 600 years to reveal that the Holy Bible has been corrupted. Now let’s Think, If you were God who would you Choose.
    A. Jesus, whose birth was miracolous, Sinless, Spread Love, Did not kill, create an Army, Performed Miracles, Raised the Dead etc.
    B. muhammad, born from sin, pagan parents, Murderer, Thief, Liar, Pedophile, Demon Possesed, Sex Addict.. who offered his army 72 virgins in their Orgie Heaven and never performed a miracle. Come on. Its a joke to even ask

    • Tony Thursday says:

      That would be allegedly on both A and B: for Point A please cite sources other than the Holy Bible and as for Point B please cite sources other than Internet Webpages.

  10. Kari says:

    Ben, Amen. Mohammed was visit by the devil (not Angel Gabriel), if you Muslims recall the encounter in the cave, Mohammed was very very scared -as the demon/devil demanded that Mohammed “RECITE” as Mohammed replied “I can’t” -“RECITE”
    -“I Can’t”
    -“I Can’t read or write”
    Okay…. c’mon people, take off the scales from your eyes!!!!! An ANGEL from our HOLY ALL KNOWING GOD would have KNOWN Mohammed was illeterate!

    Just like the devil appeared to Jesus when he was fasting in the wilderness for 40 days… the Devil TEMPTED or it can be said he Tested Jesus Christ with 3 Questions:
    1. The devil sneered: “if you are the Son of God, make these rocks turn to bread”
    Jesus: “It is WRITTEN, men does not live by bread alone”
    2.Devil took Jesus to the Holy city, Jerusalem and had him stand on the highest point of the Temple. Satan asked Jesus to throw himself down. If the Angels protected him from hitting the stones, now not only him (Devil), but all people in the temple will also be convinced that He is the Son of God. This is creative of the devil because since he knows the word of GOD (in the BIBLE, Psalms 91:11-12, “For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone” -but of course, when you are in danger from an accident, trusting GOD.. not in a way to “test” GOD) the devil can use the word of GOD, twist it, misinterpret it and present it in such a way which is contrary to the will of God… as it is believed he did with Mohammed, whom the devil converted into the FALSE PROPHET.
    Jesus: “It is WRITTEN, do not put the Lord your God to the test.”
    3. The final temptation brought the innermost desire of Satan, “to become God”. He wants to be worshiped as God. He burns with the desire of being like God. And He offers the biggest lie to all who follows him, that they can be also God. (Gen 3:4).
    Satan showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the World and their splendor. In those days, Roman Empire rules the majority of known world. Their power and glory were incomparable. But it fell eventually and now we see nothing but the ruins.
    Jesus however, promises ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ (Mat 4:17), he does not offer temporary kingdom but Eternal Kingdom. The Devil’s proposal was a direct breaking of the first commandment. “You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them..” (Exodus 20:3-4)
    Jesus: “Begone, Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only. (Matthew 4:10)”

    Unfortunately, it is very sad for me to say this, bc I have so many close Muslim friends that are like family… MOHAMMED was Satan’s next target to TEMPT/TEST and Mohamed, being a mortal, did not KNOW it was Satan, believed the lie that it was an Angel from GOD (who did not know Mohammad was illiterate! When God knows everything about us!!! He is Omnipotent)
    Thus, today we have MOHAMMED as the FALSE PROPHET
    the Devil who lied to Mohammed posing as a good angel of God, Angel Gabriel, and TWISTED GOD”S HOLY RELIGION creating a new MAN’S religion of violence, rape, pedophilia , a sexual and carnal heaven??? and hatred of our other human brothers and sisters created by the ONE AND ONLY GOD ABOVE.
    Many of the GOOD GUYS in the BIBLE are now the BAD GUYS in the Koran, such as Jesus Himself -whom the Muslims say never died on the CROSS -thus canceling the entire Christian FAITH!!!!! The core of Christianity is John 3:16 that God gave his only begotten SON, who died on the cross for our Sins, and whomever believes in HIM will not perish, but have everlasting life.
    ISLAM is the religion of the Anti-Christ because simply stated, they do not believe in Jesus as the Christ, thus, they are the Anti-Christ afore mentioned in the HOLY BIBLE -that has been the SAME BIBLE, NOTHING CHANGED -LOOK IT UP -SINCE THE TIME MOHAMMED WAS ALIVE.

    MUSLIMS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE OPEN A BIBLE, or READ IT ONLINE -BUT READ IT TO see the TRUTH. PRAY TO GOD TO SHOW HIMSELF TO YOU. GO on Youtube and hear the way Muslims have converted to Christianity… the TRUE religion. By the way, the description of our Anti-Christ in the Bible is switched and twisted to be your awaited Jesus in the Koran, no way… ISLAM is a LIE.. the Biggest LIE SATAN created it.

    GOD IS LOVE -that is the MAIN Description Missing in all of your limited 99 names for God mentioned in the Koran. C’mon….. I love you guys, GOD LOVES YOU MORE.. He’s waiting at the door of your heart and soul, knocking for you to not be afraid, and with an open heart, allow our HOLY, ALL POWERFUL, MOST POWERFUL GOD to enter and come into your life. He is forgiving, understanding, merciful, compassionate, GOOD, HOLY, LOVE, Peace…..

    PEACE, another clue about Islam is that it is a religion that instills FEAR….in its followers and on the “infidels.” Babas, PEACE is what religion should make you feel if it indeed is a religion from GOD -our GOD of LOVE, GOOD, HOLINESS, and everything BEAUTIFUL, SPIRITUAL, HOLY, AND HEAVENLY.

    Only reading the Koran is hypnotizing -with all the phrases dedicated to “Mohammed is his messenger” at the beginning of every new surah… Plus, those Satanic verses that NOBODY UNDERSTANDS or KNOWS WHAT IS BEING RECITED is only bringing more Death, and Demons to your home, and places of worship… Keeping you guys in bondage, in ignorance, and blind. You reading this is not a coincidence. May our HOLY GOD BLESS YOU and Show you the WAY, Show you PROOF if you ask -bc you must ask with your MOUTH…as he KNOWS everything but wants to see us SHOW him how much we TRUST in HIM. “Allah” simply means “The God” -any God, the one Satan has always wanted to be, perhaps.. but “Jesus Christ” is the one and only way…. YOU DON’T HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THE HOLY TRINITY -THE FATHER, THE SON, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT bc our brains are limited… but YOU MUST Admit GOD CAN DO & HAS THE POWER TO DO WHATEVER HE WANTS TO DO, AND IF HE WANTS TO SAVE HUMANITY, TO SAVE US, AND HE DID. BY HIS GRACE, NEVER BY OURS, bc we will never be Good Enough, we will always fall short of being Righteous. JESUS CHRIST was the PERFECT, CLEAN, PRISTINE EXAMPLE of a man to aspire to be like. (Please dont compare him to Mohammed, the sinner, with so manyyyyy flaws, and corruption, and guilt for misguiding so many millions into a fake religion of the Devil..)


    • Noah says:

      Islam doesn’t allow rape or pedophilia or violence or any of those lies you speak of Moses as is mentiontened more times in the quran then muhammed pbuh Islam encourages justice and peace get your facts straight and write what you read from Muslims not what your priest in church or the web says

    • All the talks are nonsense. sorry for the offense. you do not come with a valid proof. proving the existence of kabah as we calim blah blah. your father tells about his grand dad and your great grand dad. but you have not seen him so you’ll find proofs. kabah was always there. we beleive on jesus too. but if he were the son of god his so called father would have protected his so called son form that crucifixon.

    • Eliza Thalya (fake) says:


  11. Noah says:

    Okay where to start lol Muhammed pbuh did perform miracles read the qurans translation he asked Allah to split the moon to prove to the pagons Allah is the one and only god and if you read about the moon you’ll know it has a perfect welding and when god does something it should be nothing less then perfect true nuff said bout that. In the quran it gives perfect detail on the image of an embryo it says correct me if I’m wrong that we are in the belly of our mothers in the shape of a chewed substance, take a piece of gum chew it with your back teeth and look at a pic of an embryo compare the two. Also during the end times one of the signs will be that the sun will rise in opposite directions if you read about the magnetic fields energy you’ll know it goes out once every couple hundred thousand something years or something when that happens the earth reverses its orbit and you have the sun rising from opposite directions. Once that happens the solar flares from the sun will wipe out technologys power and that is also another prophecy, ofcourse when the earth reverses its orbit earthquakes and tsunamis and those good stuff willpower happen another prophecy of the end times. You see Islam ain’t about virgins and bombs and Shit its about being closer to your lord then to earthly desires for aren’t we made from earth and god put a piece of him in us that’s why we stray and go back. He is most gracious and merciful my friends we make mistakes but he still opens up the sky and pours rain so that we may eat from his blessing. Gain knowledge, read with an open mind and heart for wasn’t that told to the prophet. Do not let ignorance get the best of you I do not follow my religeon blindly I read about the bible and Torah before fully accepting Islam read and meditate upon the quran before fully accepting your religeon. May peace and guidance be with you all

  12. We humans are full of ego. We live our lives with ego. In sense that only we are on the right path. Have muslims saw Allah? Have christains saw jesus. So as no one is an eye witness than most probably the best solution is to check by our brains. But our ego’s dont let our brain work. of the all above comments, there is no single comment which proves that quran is wrong. Every person should study all relegions. By God the language style in Quran so unique, there’s been 1433 years, Allah challenged to produce the like of Quran. no body made. Allah challenged to find discrepency in Quran, but even in a whole millenium no body found a single discrepency. The prophecies of Quran about romans and persians went true. So?? can devil know future?? use brains people!! think about it if even God is gonn’a have kids than how is He God. if He starts reproducing like us than how’s he God. please leave aside ego’s if not beleive, at least try to sincerely ponder over Quran. May Allah show you the right path.

  13. javed khan says:

    you dnt require islamic scholars to prove the authentic text of the NOBLE QURAN. A normal muslim cn do it. Feel free to mail me. I will be glad to help u understand ISLAM & THE NOBLE QURAN.

  14. Eliza Thalya (fake) says:

    Jesus is never an enemy in Islam. He’s one of the most important prophets which carried God’s words. Look at ourselves and start first with asking ourself a question of why we remain to believe in our own religions. I respect all people who believes their believes, because for one reason they know the truth inside it. Religion is never mirrored by its followers, just look any kind of religions they just the same.. some did sins and some has greater faith to it. As a Muslim I feel grounded, but there’s only one thing to ask to Christians, Jews, and others.. please leave our business. We never forced any mankind to join our religion, if they have faith in their own religion. But once you entered you won’t be allowed to leave or else God will forbid your good deeds to be counted in the afterlife. Islam is always tolerant, but if we’re attacked, we’ll attack back. We highly respect and give price to women as we ask them to keep themselves safely from men’s lust, and we praise a high price to our religion as we’re not showing non-Muslims the words in our Quran, how? by reading it in Arabic.. sounds a respect for me. In the history Islam had a golden age, during the 8th to 16th century. But then Muslims were getting uneducated, possible reasons could happen, then they started to forbid the keeping of knowledges that was brought by the Greeks.. Greeks.. they gladly keep the Westerner’s knowledges which then later brought the Europeans from its dark age to glory. Such as the great expeditions, etc. It’s all related, all of us. We, Muslims, do have questions to Christians. And may I ask politely?

    Firstly, if God and Jesus ( and I rode that they’re one Devine ) are truly God and they hold the greatest justice in the universe.. I saw they’re all interpreted as whites or caucasians. How about the black people and asians and oceanians? If you know how to defend your answer, please tell me..

    Secondly, I don’t know why should early Christians modify the bible..

    Third, why should Jesus die and suffered such pain? If he were true God, He should just be released to His Father as easy as a God could be? Isn’t it that something is called God if it can do everything with nothing to stop it?

    Fourth, if a religion is as easy as Christianity, where did the teachings came from? If it was teachings from Jesus and modified by human, it’s called human’s ego of easiness. We human in nature want everything to be easy and not bothered by uneasy tasks, but in Islam we have so many tasks that should be done. Is Christianity has been impurified by human ego of easiness?

    Fifth, Jesus was born in Jerussalem and it is the part of Middle East and Arabia, why would every aspects of names in Christian turned into Roman or Latin? Just because he went there? Or it’s not a big deal and just representation of Eternal Life’s names?

    And if you want to read my evidences of Islam’s truths, I’ll post soon in the next post..

  15. Eliza Thalya (fake) says:

    What you need to know about Islam..

    Note: The paragraphs that contains “Allah says” are related from Quran’s surahs, so please check the Quran search online or application by keywords..

    1) Allah (God) in Quran says that the universe used to be only a tiny substance that splitted into the universe we know now. The universe was made in six different eras. Allah says that universe after the splitting, was just dusts and other particles. So for Muslims, Big Bang Theory is literally true. ( You can search online Quran or Quran apps for the true Surah)

    2) Allah is made up of a substance, as Allah says so in the Quran.. and closer than anything else to anything itself, and in every direction you’re facing that’s the face of Allah ( not any face that we could imagine, just a representating phrase of how Allah in Islam is like .. everything in the universe or simply a thing that can’t be lumped into anything that we know and we can see.

    3) Many people who traveled to Mecca ( Holy city of Islam ) as pilgrimmes confessed that they had been given strange signs of the existence of “Things that cannot be seen” and “Things that came from eternal world”. Such as angels, or just some odd events like seeing one person that always appears everwhere.

    4) Many Muslims in my country that converted into other religions confessed that they are TIRED of doing Islamic duties. Meanwhile the ones that converted to Islam confessed that they had FOUND the best ways in Islam to enchance their spiritual awakening.

    5) In Quran you won’t find God’s words which tells Muslims to slaughter all innocent and uninnocent non-Muslims, and Allah SAYS He’ll curse those who made destructions in this world. But, there’s a thing related to those, Allah says to revenge those who brought sorrow to you.. and not to create sorrow to others that didn’t bring sorrow to you.

    6) Prophet Muhammad SAID that a person with greater knowledge has greater degree than a person who is only a religious prayer without knowledge. But sadly, everything seemed to change in the fall period of Islam golden age. If they maintained it, Islam would’ve had great reputation in the eyes of the world now.

    7) Sick of Muslim terrorism and wars and rebellions? Check out World Wars in the 19th and 20th century and find out who’s behind those suffering eras. We’re just the same in terms of war.. humans of all believes have never been peaceful, even before Abraham’s religions appear.

    8) All three Abraham religions birthed and taught in the Middle East. A long time ago during Abraham’s age, Middle East was a really really savage place to live in and a good chance for world to be destructed. That’s why Allah put Jew, Christianity, and Islam there.

    9) All known religions show their God’s physical features, except Islam.

    10) Allah says that if you can enter heaven, there’s the time you’ll see Allah’s real appearance. And you’ll see everything that you had never seen in your life, and you’ll be told the secrets of universe and life that you questioned your whole life. In Islam, heaven and doomsday had never been drawn into pictures.

    11) America involves itself in many wars. Even during Nazi and Soviet’s war. Do you know what’s one of America’s biggest products that time? Weapons. They involved themselves to keep the war ongoing without end and their weapons sold. Not only that time, the other customer is the Middle Eastern. You know that America needs oil, they want to monopolise Middle Eastern oil. How? By creating conflict there. Maintain the heat of the conflict and sell weapons, involve themselves there until the Middle Easterns think that they’re also their enemy. Sell weapons, monopolise the sources, especially oils. Religion is just the bait.. to make the world hate Middle Easterns and support Americans.

    12) Allah warned the early Muslims, that Islam will face a really descending phase in some hundred years, going down, hated, misunderstood, and mistaken by its believers.

    13) Allah says that doomsday happens when the sun rises from the west ( means that the earth rotates the opposite way, imagine how powerful will it take to destroy everything? And in the making of Quran .. Muhammad didn’t live in an era which believed that earth rotates and round-shaped )

    14) Allah says that in the real doomsday, all things in this universe gathers as it used to be.

    15) Muhammad said that someday humans will build great buildings and that’ll start the destruction of earth ( search Hadist for evidence ) You know green house effect? Tall buildings with many windows can cause it as well. It reflects the sunlight back to the atmosphere.

    16) Allah says that we all made up of soil. You can check if you’re a scientist, that soil substances are contained as well in our bodies.

    17) Allah says that during the day of awakening of our dead bodies after the doomsday, we are all scattered corps. The only thing remain is our tail near the backbone, and from that we start to grow again and gathered in Mashar field in the eternal world to be judged. In the science we know today, babies grow first from it’s backbone tail.

    18) Allah doesn’t have dramatic story if itself. He is what he is, mortals are the ones who create dramatic stories of themselves. Allah is the start of everything, bigger than everything, covers everything, and can only be seen by His will or His command. Allah has all traits, but knows what to do and knows everything beyond everything. And Allah is the end of everything, if everything would end. That’s all, Allah is everything, no dramatic stories of birth or death or relatives or whatever.

    19) In Islam before you do regular pray/ Sholah, you have to clean yourself with water or with dusts if you are in journey. So if you’re a Muslim you’ll clean yourself of total of 7 times a day including regular showers or bath.

    20) In this mortal life, women and men and children and everything are put in different degrees. Degrees that were made by Allah, or the ones that you done it for yourself. And things we call reputation, things to maintain. etc. But in the afterlife, we’re all just in one degree in Allah’s point of view.

    21) Allah says that angels are made up of light. And they fly across the universe to do their jobs. And you know how much is the speed of light? Meanwhile devils are made up of fire.. as well as satan ( or syaiton in Quran ). When you got hot temper, and your body heats up, the devil represents your negative emotion. And so on.

    22) The holy Quran has always been the original copy of the previous copies and so on to the very first one that Muhammad wrote and collected. The words came from Allah, not from Muhammad, but brought to him by Gabriel ( Jibril in Islam ). And never been changed.

    23) There is NO REASONS for Muslims TO HATE JESUS. He is one of the most important prophets in our religion which CARRIED GOD’S WORDS. In Islam his name is Isa Al Masih ( Jesus The Mesiah ). We believe that he carried Christianity, one of Allah’s religion to humans. and we believe that Christianity we know now has been changed from its origin. That’s why there are conflicts in our understanding.

    24) In Quran you’ll find surahs contain the word “Atom” in them.

    25) Islam teaches us to love God not by seeing his appearance, love is a chemistry.. Allah is a substance. You have to learn to love something from the benefits and truths of how Allah cares of you and bring justice to you.

    26) In Islam, the only thing that can help you from your sins.. is yourself and Allah. Allah will also help you, but not entirely taking off your sins .. but make you clean it by His way and your work.

    27) Before the creation of universe, there was a time when Allah plan everything with angels. It is called faith. Everything is written in a bible ( even though not necasserily a book ) everything that involves our faith ( The surah that explains is in Quran, search it ). Our lives had been written, some of it can be changed and some of it cannot be changed .. by us. And you know de javu? Or future seeing? It means that those particular people have access to the bible of faith that can be probably a substance in this universe which has great universal vibration and can be catched by these people’s pineal gland ( the nerve system that catches universal wave, located in our forehead and a tiny sack in our brain )

    28) Allah explained the process of the making of baby and human in Quran. The universe, the lake in the ocean, etc. Search it, it’s no porn.. but evidence that Allah told the first Muslims what people in those days shouldn’t able to know.

    29) The floors in Ka’bah’s mosque ( the sacred building in Mecca that we use as a direction of our prayers) are always heated by the stinging sunlight of Arabian weather but never harm the bare-footed pilgrimmes who do the progression to circle arund the Ka’bah. I’ve been there once, the sun burned my head, but my feet were fine on those floors. Maybe it’s the matter of the material of the floor, or really a sign of its mightiness.

    30) In Islam you should start to wake up at 4 AM, to pray. And that we are taught not to be lazy and start our day early to do more good things that are benefitial to our lives.

    31) Adam and Eve ( or Hawa in Islam ) were told to be 3 metres tall in Quran. And as we know that, from some of our beloved scientists’s theory, that we are descended from something bigger to smaller. And who knows that dinosaurs existed in Adam’s time as well? And they were just normal-sized animals that time?

    32) Allah said that angels can talk to Him, but in a way that we don’t know.

    I think I still have more, but later..

  16. Eliza Thalya (fake) says:

    Revision: Adam and Eve were 30 metres tall in Quran.

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