Romnifications and Romneyisms: Romneologisms

About 4 weeks ago I coined the term Romneyism. I defined the term as “lies, hypocritical acts and statements, and other assortments of disingenuous bullshit emitted by Mitt Romney”. Apparently, and not unexpectedly, I am not the only one who has been so inspired by Romney’s Romneyisms as to propose additions to the lexicon. Another Romney-inspired neologism is Romnification, which is defined by Wikiality as:

a hot cool hot and trendy term which describes the total reversal of one’s stance on numerous key issues for political expediency.

Some would argue romnification is the same as pontification or indecision. But those people would be wrong! By its definition, romnificating is done in a decisive, courageous way, totally unlike the flip-flopping of certain prominent Democrats. That’s because only true Republicans can romnificate.

Romneyism has also been defined as:

When a corrupt and disconnected party establishment recruits the rich and the super-rich to subsidize its non-performance.

He may not inspire confidence or trust, but he’s been great for the language!

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