This is a quick post which I meant to make about a week ago. I am disgusted with how our society allows media shutterbugs to glue themselves to people for a profit. The media serves valuable functions. We need to know what our governments are doing, what injustices are happening, where our tax dollars are going, and so forth. We have absolutely no need nor right to know what goes on in the lives of people that we happen to be interested in. Some people say that this is the price for being a star. I personally don’t think it should be. Spears makes music and people like it. They can buy her albums, merchandise, concert tickets and so forth if they want to. Nowhere in this transaction do I see a hole that can only be filled by a requirement to being subjected to media vultures every time one steps into public view. It is absolutely no wonder that a number of high-profile celebrities have psychological problems and succumb to drug abuse. When one’s person is constantly under close scrutiny, with every second constituting an opportunity to do something that will be caught on camera and used to humiliate the person, psychological discord and drug-based escapism are fully plausible consequences. And no wonder some celebrities can be full of themselves. They spend years with their egos being bolstered, yet also in a constant state of risk as all it would take is a quick nose scratch that looks like a nose pick on film and they’re humiliated. They spend generous proportions of time with a team of people focused on their public persona. It’s all about them. Of course this is going to cause egotism, insecurity, psychological disarray, and/or drug abuse in some.

If only the news media did to politicians what the vultures do to celebrities…

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