Group of Maine Conservative Christians Upset Over Civil Union in New Hampshire

First of all, congratulations to all the same-sex newly weds in New Hampshire. And kudos to New Hampshire for its enactment of homosexual civil unions law.

As is to be expected, there are some angry Christians conservatives… 

The following is reported in the Christian Civic League Record,

The League issued a press release on the eve of the event which read: “With New Hampshire’s enactment of its homosexual civil unions law, Maine becomes one of only two remaining New England states to not formally allow this deviant behavior.
“The Christian Civic League of Maine supports the Biblical precept that all sex outside of traditional marriage, including homosexual behavior, is sin. The celebration of this sin as seen in the events of January 1st in New Hampshire is wrong.

“As it has for over 110 years, the League will defend traditional marriage, defined as between one man and one woman only, in Maine, and continue to oppose homosexual civil unions, so help us God.”

Copies of the press release were made available both online prior to the event, and at the event, to the various media outlets present.

Maine Pastor Neil Farrar of Maine’s Church on the Rock in Topsham publicly asked listeners of Maine’s Christian radio station WBCI for a day of fasting and prayer on January 1, 2008 to acknowledge New Hampshire’s homosexual civil unions law going into effect.

From his RockTalk radio and online commentary, Farrar stated: “What [the homosexuals who participate in the civil unions ceremonies] fail to clearly understand is that their choice to not be accountable to God, will have an eternal bearing on not only this life, but also on eternity.

“They are certainly not free or released from standing before the Living God…and giving an account for their decadence and lawlessness!

“These men and women will face a quivering terror, as they are sentenced to an eternity in the Lake of Fire. None of us can choose individually, or even by changing the laws of our land to live outside of God’s Laws, and not face eternal consequences.”


But it gets better! In this same report, the CCL refers to the New Hampshire Freedom to Marry Coalition as a radical homosexual lobby group. Now, if their intention was to communicate that the group was one that was playing a leading role in changing society, okay. But given the general bent of this post and the organization, it seems that their use of “radical” was intended to communicate some sort of strange extremism. If indeed this is the case, which it very much seems to be, my only response, again, is Wow. I mean, seriously. WOW! A group that believes with all their heart that a book written 2000 years ago and to this day has not seen a single argument in its favour that does not amount to an argument from ignorance, cherry-picking from vague scripture, or that does not stand in stark contrast to the findings of science or the most rudimentary level of critical thinking is calling people who are romantically attracted to people of the same sex and want to be able to marry radical? Well I guess that’s okay. I mean, if a group like this did not see something that I stood for as being radical I’d probably have to reconsider my position.

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