Ed Brayton rips Joe Farah a new one. Yes Joe, waterboarding is torture.

In Joe Farah should be waterboarded, Ed Brayton demonstrates how ridiculous it is to deny that waterboarding is torture, and shines the headlights on the one-sidedness, internal-inconsistency, and overall ludicrousness of Farah’s argument that waterboarding is not torture. Follow the links to read the full articles by Brayton and Farah.

2 Responses to “Ed Brayton rips Joe Farah a new one. Yes Joe, waterboarding is torture.”
  1. Rather weak, chief. Just like Brayton’s brays on the Net over at the ironically named Dispatches from the Culture Wars, where he and his enthusiastic ninnies spend hours a day pretending we are not in an existential struggle for our very lives against the wonders of Islam’s angry side.

    Brayton’s take is merely the legalistic mumbo-jumbo of the process of advanced pussification of the West.

    The absurdist, new found moral absolutism like a bolt from the blue has only one explanation–and it is not about morality or moral arguments, or the asinine notion that the Sons of Allah will go easy on their own prisoners (they won’t).

    It is funny to the extreme of some Monty Python skit here that after decades of telling the world there are NO moral absolutes and that the world is one long panoramic canvas of various shades of grey and that nothing is firm in morals and even infanticide and adultery have their noble place in the sun on occasion, the Left now suddenly finds a moral absolute regarding scum and villany when it comes to forcing recalcitrant terror lords to give up information.

    It is about piggish self-righteousness masquerading as compassion and concern. Compassion, at best, as usual from the Left pertaining only to the world’s real perps, be they the Central Park rapists, the shoes bombers, the head nippers, the throat cutters, and assorted other creeps the world might likely be better off without.

    It is about getting even with Bush:

    It is about performing a junta-like bloodpurge of the previous administration over policy changes, and the dragging of CIA techniques and other proven measures of war and terror fighting into the courts. It is about abusing, not actually upholding, internation law, Geneva, the UN, and other edicts and claiming–against all legal and historical evidence both written and not–that somehow the lords of terror are even entitled to such protection when clearly in the historical archives this was never the case. Now they are virtually read Miranda.

    So US law for her citizens is now to apply to all the wretched world and to those who behead and fly aircraft into buildings–only the problem is one of jursidiction, since the Left certainly on the OTHER hand dare not suggest US hegemony or guardianship or “meddling” in the affairs of others–so how could such laws even apply? Hmm.

    Like one writer of note said recently:

    “Whether it is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Weather Underground, Central Park rapists, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Jim Jones and the People’s Temple, welfare recipients, Palestinian terrorists, murderers, abortionists, strippers or common criminals — liberals always take the side of the enemies of civilization against civilization. “

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