Pope condemns Spain for its affirmation of gay rights. The horror…

Nick Langewis writes,

Madrid’s Plaza de Colon and surrounding areas were host to people from throughout the country to hear speakers, including Pope Benedict XVI, condemn the Spanish government, led by Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, for its 2005 affirmation of marriage rights for same-sex couples and easing of the divorce process.

Event organizer and Catholic activist Kiko Arguello asserts that

“These atheist, irreligious governments want to make us believe that our life has no meaning, and that’s not true”.

Yeah. That’s what they want. Clearly Kiko has figured out the atheist conspiracy. It was decided during a roundtable discussion over a feast of aborted fetuses and the blood of blonde-haired and blue-eyed Christian children that we will vie to take over governments, and with our new found power we will use the bullhorn to convince the masses that life is an empty and meaningless existence. We will use the rhetoric of rational and honest thought and discourse to demonstrate the baselessness of religious faith and then when the population is in a state of confused disorientation we will deliver the knock out blow: life has no meaning.

The Pope declared in his Sunday address that gay marriage threatens the “traditional family”. I totally agree with him. As a clear-sighted heterosexual male, I can see how granting Larry and Harry the right to legal marriage is going to pose a formidable obstacle to me being able to marry a female and have children. And I can easily foresee how the human race is being threatened here. If there’s a sure-fire way to increase the prevalance of homosexuality from around 5% to 100%, it’s by giving gays equal rights. I mean, c’mon? Who wouldn’t give up heterosexuality if homosexuality were made an equally convenient marital option?! We are, after all, called homosapiens, right?

3 Responses to “Pope condemns Spain for its affirmation of gay rights. The horror…”
  1. Moonseeds says:

    Just wanted you to know I am a blue eyed white american catholic who does not agree with the Pope. I agree with equal rights and wisdom and ethics. take care, and thanks for your blog.


  2. ronbrown says:


    Hi. Thanks for writing. Just to be clear, I certainly wasn’t implying that all Catholics are in agreement with this perspective, far from it. I was merely poking fun at the sort of religious person who is so indoctrinated into their faith and so ignorant as to think that without belief in a God life has no meaning. But even in addressing this crowd I am still using hyperbole, and don’t actually think that even these people, barring a few exceptions here and there, would hold such ridiculous beliefs.

  3. Moonseeds says:

    I think your statements were clearly ironic, I just wanted to add my piece, to let you know I am onboard. btw, it seems those who hold the ‘ridiculous’ beliefs often seem to have the loudest voices and more media coverage?

    thanks again.

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