Evolving Ideas: A change in plans

First off, a Happy New Year to all. May this be a year filled with insight, personal growth, meaningful connections, compassion and happiness.

In an effort to promote the cooperative cultivation of wisdom, growth, and online community, a new program entitled Evolving Ideas was introduced a few days ago. To recap, the primary function of EI is to promote prolonged discussion on big, important, interesting and complex issues (e.g., the roots of religious fundamentalism, the ethics of abortion, the roots of Islamic World antipathy toward the West, etc.).

Upon further consideration, a few changes are going to be made. Firstly, rather than running only one EI topic at a time, many will be running at a given time. This way, issues of interest to more people will consistently be open for discussion. The second change will unfortunately constitute a removal of a feature. In the initial design, EI was going to be accompanied by a second program, Meme Tracking. The purpose of Meme Tracking was to keep track of discussion milestones and areas of contention or impasse. This program carried with it a number of values, such as helping new particpants get a relatively quick idea of the path the discussion has taken, help all of us keep track of how far we’ve come through our many important discussions, and allow the newcomer to the site to be able to benefit from the lengthy discussion that had already been had via the availability of discussion synopses. The reason for having to remove this feature is simply practicality. Due to the blog’s relatively quick participation growth it has become unwieldy keep keen record of EI discussion—in fact, it has become unwieldy for me to engage as much as I previously had in the comment section discussions, though I still do participate, just not quite as much.

Anyhow, I hope that everyone is enjoying the content of EI and the blog as a whole thus far. As always, please send any suggestions, comments, criticisms regarding TFP, individual posts, and/or EI to theframeproblem (at) live (dot) ca.

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