Evolving Ideas: A forum for ongoing discussion on BIG questions

One of the things that I hoped to set up when I was initially thinking about starting a blog was a forum for engaging in ongoing discussion on big, important, interesting and complex questions. I’m hoping to realize this goal with Evolving Ideas.

Evolving Ideas is a place for discussing important and complex topics from a variety of perspectives. This is a section for discussing big-picture and politically important ideas such as: What are important approaches to the cultivation of wisdom and living a good life? Is abortion acceptable? What are the sources of Islamic antipathy toward the West? What types of things should be included to build a strong and engaged community dedicated to promoting the cultivation of wisdom, happiness, compassion, prosociality, cooperation, growth, justice, and wonder?In order to keep things manageable, efforts will be made to make it so that, as much as possible, only one topic is highly active at a time. As discussion on a given topic is starting to wane or show other signs of stagnation, a proposal for moratorium can be made by anyone, and soon after another topic can be introduced. The hope is that when moratorium is proposed, there will be general agreement that discussion has stagnated. For those who want continuation, their task is to demonstrate that further discussion is likely to be worthwhile. However, points of stagnation as well as progress will be noted in Meme Tracking.In addition to having pages for the discussion of big ideas, a separate page for each idea called Meme Tracking will be created to keep track of agreed upon points and points of contention, so that people can quickly refresh themselves on what has been established and what remains unsettled, and new visitors can get an overview of what a collection of discussants have converged upon with regard to interesting, important and often highly complex matters.Once a discussion has gone into moratorium, the comment section will be closed. Keeping it open would make it hard to move on to new topics, as new visitors may go in and bring up issues already addressed and so forth. If someone thinks of a new important idea after a discussion has gone into moratorium, they can post it in the Meme Tracking thread as a proposal for consideration. If participants believe that the new idea is worthy of consideration, moratorium can be lifted.

The Evolving Ideas and Meme Tracking threads will be posted at the top of the right side-panel.

To suggest ideas for Evolving ideas topics, send email to theframeproblem (at) live (dot) ca 

One idea that I am reluctant to set as a topic is “Does God exist”. The reason being that these discussions often seem to make very little progress and are really just frustrating.

14 Responses to “Evolving Ideas: A forum for ongoing discussion on BIG questions”
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