I may have just found one of the funniest blogs on the Net

I just stumbled upon “a Christian Conservative blog dedicated to bringing God back into American Politics”. It’s called the Center for Rational Debate. Heh. That’s funny to me…

Some quotes and observations from the site:

“The Center for Rational Debate is a non-partisan organization dedicated to the promotion of sanity and clear
thinking in American Politics. In the pursuit of those goals, we have created an online resource for parents, students,
and community members to learn about today’s greatest controversies.  The articles that follow have been
edited to ensure that they are free of logical fallacies and that core American values, such as
freedom and democracy, are always upheld and never criticized for any reason.
The Center for Rational Debate is a family-friendly educational resource.”  It then goes on to say “All Articles are edited by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”.

 Here is a selection of some of their article titles:

  • How to kick your gay son out of the house
  • “Lack of Jesus” linked to mental illness
  • Senator Larry Craig: Victim and Hero
  • In defense of Reagonomics
  • Fetuses are more important than you
  • How to raise “real” Americans
  • Cheney has a right to privacy
  • God supports the Iraq War
  • Mother Teresa ruined a generation
  • Morality should not be universal
  • Global warming is good for you
  • America deserved 9/11
  • Gun control caused the Virginia Tech tragedy
  • Immigrants are trying to steal your job
  • We should nuke Iran
  • Environmentalism hurts the economy
  • The handicapped are taking over America

 In the Kid’s Corner, you can read “Are you tired of Mr. Bush having all the fun killing towel-heads? Here are a few ways you can help America defeat terrorism .

A quick tour around the blog provides quick proof that this is obviously a spoof blog. And, upon very quick review, it seems to be a pretty good one!

One of the few good things about Christian Conservativism is that it is just a ready source of comedy. Fundamentalist jokes are like the new “yo mama” or sex jokes. They’re just so easy and often require minimal wit. Of course they can also inspire highly informed well thought out multilayered side-splitting mastery, which is simply tops.

6 Responses to “I may have just found one of the funniest blogs on the Net”
  1. I am sure that it is fun to mock Christian beliefs from your precarious Internet tower. There is nothing comedic about making fun of true believers in Christ. I pray that your delete this post because it unfairly depicts true Christians as mindless sheep.

  2. ronbrown says:

    I disagree. As far as I can tell, this site is pretty clear about being a spoof on Christian Conservatives, not Christians in general. On their topbloglist.com miniprofile they describe themselves as “a Christian Conservative blog dedicated to bringing God back into American Politics”, and then, well just look at the content. I mean, are you kidding me? How could you possibly find this to NOT be clearly directed at the religious right Christian demographic?

  3. ronbrown says:

    Side note: Not only was I surprised to see your message, I’m surprised that you authored it. Going by the other post you made a few days back, I figured you were an atheist. Whatever the case may be though, I’m surprised that this could be construed as being directed at anyone other than the members of the far right. To whatever degree this situation embarrasses the moderates, it’s primarily the fault of the right as well as the moderates themselves in a collective sense. It’s the fault of the right because they’re the one’s humiliating the entire group and, in my view, serving as a tremendous frustration to society as a whole. It’s the fault of the moderate majority because they seem to be the one’s most responsible for creating a safe haven for these lunatic groups to polarize and grow. By playing the lead role in establishing the culture of political correctness, the moderates have played a collective leading role in making it taboo to call a spade a spade when it comes to religious ridiculousness, and the religious right–be it Christians or Muslims–have capitalized on this extensively.

    Is it at all my fault? Well, lets look at this. We have real Christian Right lunatics in the world creating real impacts and constituting a growing movement which, as Christian theologian and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Chris Hedges warns, may be the most dangerous political movement in American history. Can you blame me for drawing attention to this?! In my opinion, attention should be drawn to this. This type of ridiculousness should be ridiculed. Had people began ridiculing it en masse years ago perhaps we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place.

    Are Christian moderates mindless sheep? No, I wouldn’t say so. On the contrary. One could argue that they have collectively played a leading role in the national effort to burry one another’s head in the sand.

  4. doubtingthomas426 says:

    I was also surprised by the tone of johnnypeepers comment as I have also seen his more rational, atheistic comments on other posts.

    Anyway, I LOVE your site and hope you’ll check out mine http://doubtingthomas426.wordpress.com/ as I think you’ll find it right up your alley. I’ve categorized all my posts on the left. Take a look and add me to your links page if you like. I’ve already added yours.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. ronbrown says:

    Doubting Thomas:

    Hey, many thanks for the very kind words. I really appreciate it. I will certainly check out your blog very soon.

    Appreciatively, Ron

  6. thekittenrawrs says:

    You know the sad thing? I have actually spoken with Christians who really do believe the garbage you found on that spoof site. I always shake my head in wonder at how anyone who preaches they love others can act so hateful. I have to say, their lack of reason confuses me.

    Anyway, I enjoyed your post and your entire site as well. Happy 2008 to you!

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