Alright. So we have Bushisms, which of course denote a stupid and/or ignorant thing said by George W. Bush. Introducing Romneyisms: lies, hypocritical acts and statements, and other assortments of disingenuous bullshit emitted by Mitt Romney. There are also other ways you can play with “Mitt Romney” and his disingenuity. For instance, when someone else lies or is hypocritical, you can call them a lying/hypocritical piece of Mitt! Or when someone is the victim of a Romneyism, you can say “Ooooooh, you just got ROMNEY’D!!”. The fact that there are so many ways to Romney and be Romney’d just about turns Romneyisms into a generative grammar of insults. Have fun!

***Read below the fold to find out how to play Catch the Romneyism!***

In the comment section of a previous post on Romney’s disingenuity, my good friend Xander Legere has listed two other recently exposed Romneyisms:

1. All signs seem to indicate that Romney lied about his father having marched on Washington for Martin Luther King.
2. Romney claims to have cried when watching the casket of a dead soldier return home, as it supposedly made him imagine that it was one of his sons. Can’t really prove that he didn’t–though I’m highly doubtful, but this is bullshit for another reason. Romney is rich. Beyond rich. None of his sons are in the army. None of them ever will be. World peace will be achieved before that happens.

And here’s another one from Ed Brayton at Dispatches from the Culture Wars (great blog, by the way):
3. Romney claims that when he first heard the news that the Mormon church was discontinuing its officially racist policies with regard to Blacks, he had been driving home from law school and was so overcome by emotion that he literally had to pull over to weep. That’s a very moving story. It’d be even more moving if, as Brayton points out, Romney hadn’t graduated from law school three years prior to Mormonism abandoning this subset of its racist roots.

And now I offer the Romneyism collection plate to the readers. Have you caught a Romneyism!? Fill us in in the comment section! Whether its about him wanting equality, or secularism, with regard to the treatment of his Mormonism but inequality, or unsecularism, to atheists and Muslims, another blatant lie, or any other instance of deceit, lets hear it!

Starting at 4…

3 Responses to “Romneyisms!!!”
  1. dezrah says:

    How about his recent comments about the New England Patriots winning the World Series? I’ve never heard anyone alienate Football and Baseball fans so succinctly in one quote…

    “When we say I saw the Patriots win the World Series, it doesn’t necessarily mean you were there.”

    He’s making Bush seem like the captain of the debate team. *sigh*

  2. ronbrown says:

    Haha, I’ll have to look that one up. What makes it even worse, though, is that he’s from Massachussetts! I mean, come on! Though, if his worst shortcoming was ignorance about local sports teams what a great candidate he would be.

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