Welcome to The Frame Problem!

Greetings, visitors!

 This is my first post on what I hope will grow to be a very active and interactive blog. TFP will be a haven for discussing some of the most important and fascinating issues for individuals and our society. Issues to be considered include wisdom (What is it? Why is it important? How does one cultivate it?), ethics and morality (What is moral? Why do we have a moral faculty?), Cognitive Scientific research on the mind (e.g., How do we understand other minds? How do we conceptualize abstract concepts? To what extent do we consciously understand and control our actions and ourselves?), and various cultural and political issues, such as those having to do with free speech, rights, secularism, the Intelligent Design Creationist movement, and the Culture Wars.

In addition to presenting fascinating and important information, TFP is also hoped to be a centre for the local evolution of ideas and wisdom. Because various issues will be discussed on an ongoing basis (e.g., Wisdom will be considered recurrently from various philosophical perspectives, and with insight from modern Cognitive Science), views on these issues will be continually refined–new ideas introduced, old ideas discarded or refined, new ways of conceptualizing and relating ideas, and so forth. A section entitled “Evolving Ideas: Tracking the Evolution of Memes” will be set up to keep track of the evolving state of our emerging ideas.

One of the most rigorous sources of idea evolution by rational selection–analogues to biological evolution by natural selection–will be the recurring program “The War of Ideas”. The War of Ideas will be a monthly program running for multiple weeks each in which a particular issue is set up for discussion and debate. One of the first issues for discussion in The War of Ideas is “Why do they hate us? Probing the factors motivating antipathy in the Islamic World toward the West”.

Mark off The Frame Problem in your Favourites, come back often, read, learn, post, and share ideas!



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